Machinery Transport And Towing Services

Welcome to M.I Cheap Towing Services!! Since 2010, we are available to our customers, providing quality services related to towing and machinery transportation services.

We are a company specialized in the transport of machinery. We have the equipment and qualified personnel to provide services with the desired level of efficiency and agility. We cover the whole country!

A Comprehensive Company with Great Experience …

In the beginning, M.I Cheap Towing Services consolidated as a leading company in services related to automotive assistance. It’s a company with a fleet of modern and safe units that are dedicated to serving industrial customers.

Gradually, it incorporated the transport of agricultural, road and industrial machinery into its activity. This is how our company, was born, and since then, day by day, we have strived to be a reliable, safe and effective business in providing quality machinery transportation services.

We have a fleet of modern units that are adaptable to any need and usable at any place where it is available. It makes our distinguished clientele to leave their loads in our hands.

Here at M.I Cheap Towing Services, we have all kinds of special units for the work you need to get done.

We offer

  • Transport services
  • Transportation and towing machinery of all types and sizes
  • Transport and towing of light motor vehicles
  • Heavy car transport and towing

Availability of Auto motors

To provide our service in the best way, we have the following automotive fleet.

We Own

  • Cranes
  • Irons

Trucks and platforms

Trucks up to 40 tons

  • Road machines
  • Agricultural machines
  • Industrial movements
  • Special loads
  • Containers
  • Oil services
  • Winches for damaged or no tension loads
  • Trolleys with air suspension
  • Tanks and complex loads
  • Port movements

Trucks up to 13 tons

  • Forklifts
  • Height platforms
  • Manipulators
  • Heavy vehicles

As a transport company, every day we work to continue consolidating our image of good service and customer-centric approach.

Towing Services

A tow truck, like the ones we use here, is a vehicle used primarily to take cars to a workshop (or wherever the customer wishes) because they have been thrown on the road or rescued from sites that do not have adequate driving surface.

Our trailer services are urgent, and you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cars can be towed for different reasons:

  • Traffic accidents.
  • Parking in inappropriate places.
  • Driving by the driver under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Check that the insurance company of your car includes the free towing service in its benefits.

Types of Cranes

We don’t only move cars and motorcycles, but also transport boats or trucks, for which different types of cranes are needed with which to provide them with the assistance they need.

The list is ordered according to the weight that the cranes can support.

Hanger or Stop

This type of crane supports and tows vehicles of up to 1800 kilograms. The anchoring system allows the vehicle to be taken for its tires without the possibility of any damage.

For those vehicles that, due to an accident or any other reason, have deterioration in front and rear, or directly cannot roll, a system of carts or bogies is used.


You can tow vehicles up to 1800 kilograms. The fork is formed by four elements, with four consecutive slots to adapt to the circumferences of vehicle tires.

It has safety chains to fix the wheels of the towed vehicle and four-wheel carts to use as a trailer if the vehicles could not roll.

Stretcher or Platform

The stretcher is designed to transport vehicles up to 2,500 kilograms. It has a steel platform on which the vehicle is transported. They are equipped with a steel cable and other useful elements for the mooring of the vehicle to be transported.


These types of cranes are designed to tow vehicles of up to 2,500 kilograms. They come equipped with nails or anchoring devices for different types of vehicles

Heavy Vehicle Cranes

These are designed to tow vehicles of up to 12,000 kilograms, such as trucks or boats. They offer maximum stability and efficiency.

Hope this helps!! Contact us today and experience the real essence of customer satisfaction.

At M.I Cheap Towing services, we follow all Victorian Health and Safety Regulations, We are safe working environment and we believe in safety and Occupational Health & Safety.

if you want to visit the Victorian Traffic Accident Commission  please click the link provided.

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